Reunite The Fight - Helping US Military Veterans Since 2017

Services Provided

Services provided to US military veterans by Reunite the Fight

Ultimate Veterans Experience — Trips all over the US and some foreign countries that are given to veterans experiencing issues surrounding PTSD and Survivor's Guilt

PTSD Workshops — Provided on each and every veteran's experience with Reunite the Fight

Resume Writing Assistance — RTF has professionals that can assist with short professional resume writing, as well as USA Jobs government-style resumes. (We do not write the resumes, but teach the veteran how to write them.) This will require time and effort from the veteran requesting assistance.

Job Networking — We pride ourselves on helping veterans obtain jobs that other veteran leaders are hiring for, organizations seeking veteran leadership, all while ensuring the veteran has a paycheck that meets their needs. (We cannot get the veteran the job if they aren't willing to put forth the effort.) Some jobs may require relocation.

Home Buying Assistance — RTF has partnered with several lenders, one of which is Reduced Fee Mortgage who is currently licensed in over 20 states across the US. RTF has also partnered with many realty groups that provide real estate agent support for the home buying process as well.

This assistance is in relation to VA Loan benefits, refinancing, or purchases/selling listings. Our partners ensure the veteran is taken care of and that the expenses are minimized to ensure their service to our country is honored.

VA Disability Claim Information — RTF has partnered with several servicing organizations (one of which is REE Medical). These companies assist veterans in making their appointments, filling out VA paperwork, and helping them understand the process they will have to go through in order to obtain benefits.

Obtaining Disability Benefit Information — This information can vary from state to state and according to your VA disability rating. Rest assured, we have veterans ready to help you utilize the benefits that have been put into place for you.

Financial Planning and Investments — RTF has partnered with Sequoia Financial who has a team specifically designated to help our nation's military and our veterans. They help with everything from college savings for children, putting money away for retirement, to investing for the future.