Sporting Clay Fundraiser Sponsorships:

To sponsor an RTF Sporting Clay Fundraiser, please visit link.

Sample Sporting Clay Flyers:

Types of Sponsorships:

1. Event naming rights sponsor is $2,500

  • Name the fundraiser
  • Live media coverage
  • Two company teams to send guests to
  • Keep the 4’ x 12’ banner created
  • Appreciation awards presented at the outing
  • Capability to set up booth
  • One on One time with all celebrity help and attendees the day of the event

2. Premium sponsorship $1,000

  • One team to send guests
  • Capability to set up a company booth
  • 2’ x 3’ banner at a shooting station with company logo
  • Keep the banner from the event

3. Shooting station sponsorship $500

  • 2’ x 3’ Banner at that station
  • Keep the banner after the event